Years ago I was watching The Coen Brother’s BARTON FINK and when it was finished my mind was completely blown. In that mystic seance state-of-mind I wrote a 3 page short stream-of-consciousness story called I WAS A SEX STUNT DOUBLE. I had no idea what it was but it poked at the very truth in my life at the age of 20.

How does one find love?

More importantly for someone who works in an industry that has nothing to do with love but initiates in the act of lovemaking. And even then it’s not really love. It’s a job. But that’s not to say love, or being in love isn’t work. There’s more detachment in people in adult films than there would be in normal relationships. There has to be, as much as there has to be some chemistry.

Either way, I was on a quest to create an absurd world where this could happen.



A stuntman…but not just any stuntman a pioneer stuntman for the adult film industry! During the boom era of adult entertainment a chance meeting with a big time director sent an out-of-work stuntman to the top of an untapped market. If it was any other person they’d be up to their ears in sex, but not Sean. He’s an artist and craftsman and does this for selfish reasons: respect and money. Which were both in short supply in his upbringing in the little fishing village of Moosehead, Nova Scotia. Caught between the adult film world and the real world he’s never successfully come to terms when asked: What do you do for a living?